50 years’ experience in the peach orchard.
30 years’ experience in palinka distillation.

Growing up in Gönc, István was simply born to be a distiller, and of course a farmer, too. Just like the vast majority of the people in Gönc and its district, he has been picking apricot since his childhood, which was mainly used for trading purposes at that time. During his career he stayed at his hometown and took leadership in the management of the peach orchard of the local agricultural producer cooperative for more than eight years. He mastered all the ins and outs of peach-growing. During this period he already visited the distillery in Göncruszka many times. He was interested in the science of palinka distillation. He started there as Uncle Pali Kovács’ assistant, who was the director of the distillery at that time and in 1990 István was requested to be the new leader of the company. At first it was a challenge for him, but István quickly mastered the profession. He obtained all the necessary qualification, learned from experts, and he has taken part in every professional forum so far.

The distillery is specialized in commercial distillation and it distils palinka for hire, too. It often happens that customers who choose distillation for hire come from far away, especially when they want to distil apricot palinka. This is the largest distillery in the region even nowadays and it earned itself a high reputation during the previous years. István passes on all the knowledge and experience he obtained humbly and respectfully, since his goal is to deliver high-quality palinka to his customers.





Just like the reputation of the Gönci apricot, the history of the distillery dates back to the early days, too. The distillery in Göncruszka was built between 1968 and 1970. At that time, approximately 200 m2 apricot orchards were established in Gönc and Göncruszka; the main goal of the distillation was to recycle damaged and spoiled fruits. Nowadays the distillery is the main scene of the production of the original Gönci apricot palinka. That is how the largest distillery of the region was founded, where steam- and traditional machines are both used. The copper pot stills are capable of distilling 1800 litres of mash at once.


In 2013, the company made a larger investment in new technology. During the renewal works, the vast majority of the equipment was replaced by a new, modern system, and the interior of the building got completely reorganised.


Nowadays the distillery is the main scene of the distillation of the original Gönci apricot palinka. Experience and tradition. Who would know it much better than the local people, who produce the best palinka for us with the help of 50 years’ experience? Furthermore, the factory also distils palinka for hire, since everyone knows in the neighbourhood: if they want to get the most out of their fruits, they are at the best place.



Without a doubt, apricot is our favourite, especially the Gönci apricot. Hungarian Gönci apricot has been granted PGI promotion, because its quality is so outstanding compared to other varieties of the fruit. What is more, such delicious and aromatic types can only be grown in this region.

At the same time, all other kinds of fruits that grow here are also high-quality products with excellent sugar- and moisture content. All of them could be perfect ingredients for palinka. Plum, pear, apple, quince, grape also grow here as well as some wildings. Sooner or later we will distil palinka for you from them, too! The greatest gift the soil provides us here is definitely the fruit. We respect this value very much!


About Us

We have bottled for you what lives only in our grandparents’ memories.

And these are really vivid memories.

The Original and the perfect one.

It all started with apricot. Then we produced different varieties as well.

Handcrafted palinka, in premium quality. The way it should be.

The legendary Gönci apricot palinka has been produced in the distillery in Göncruszka since 1970, which is practically the goldmine of the village. All the necessary background knowledge, expertise and tradition are provided; we only have to bottle and bring you the palinka, made on the basis of the original recipe. All the carefully selected ingredients come from either our own orchards or from the most reliable farmers within the region, people whom we know personally. We thoroughly double-check every single piece of fruit, no matter if it is apricot, plum, pear, quince or grape. Quality is the most important aspect for us, since we have to protect and take care of the reputation of palinka, our national specialty and of course our own brand, Gönci apricot palinka as well.

Cheers! Drink moderately!