2019. 03. 17.

Slowly. Just sip it! After meal. Moderately.

Palinka should be consumed at room temperature, around 15-20 ℃, from a tulip-shaped glass. First we should tilt the glass a little bit and give a swirl to the drink, or just make a few circles with the glass, just like before tasting wine, and then we could immediately smell and enjoy the aroma of the palinka. After the mandatory clink of the glasses, palinka should be sipped slowly. Drinking it in one gulp would be inappropriate – that is nothing, but wasting the drink. Again, similarly to wine tasting, “chewing” palinka is also a good way of exposing it to every part of the mouth, especially below the tongue, where its aroma exerts its effect the most intensely. Right after swallowing the drink, we could smell the scent of the fruit by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. The longer the aroma of the palinka lasts, the better the quality of the drink is. The last stage of the drinking is the so-called “dry test”. Once the glass is empty, put it aside for 3-5 minutes then feel free to sniff into it. We will smell a full-bodied, fruity, jamlike fragrance. We recommend drinking palinka mainly after meal as it has a beneficial effect on digestion.